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A Locally Owned Denver Flooring Showroom & Installation Business

Paradigm Interiors is a down-to-earth, locally owned business with a large Denver flooring showroom for homeowners and businesses. We specialize in flooring sales and installation and have been serving the needs of Denver-area residential and commercial builders, multi-family property owners/managers, and homeowners for over a decade.

denver flooring showroom

Paradigm Interiors is owned and operated by Don Taylor and Matt Budler, who began their foray into the flooring industry as ceramic tile installers. They have since gained a solid reputation for being Denver’s premier flooring experts.

Offering top-of-the-line flooring products, interior design services, and expert installations, Paradigm Interiors does not strive to be the biggest business on the block. Don and Matt have a much humbler goal of maintaining a sustainable business that does not sacrifice their core values. Finding success with hard work and integrity is what makes them happy. So far, their efforts have paid off. Over the past decade, Paradigm Interiors has earned a solid reputation for providing not only the best high-end flooring solutions in the Denver area, but also trusted on-time service and expert installations—all at affordable prices.

Their client list includes several apartment building owners, professional sports stadiums, military bases, high-rise condominiums, restaurants, wireless carriers, dental offices, mountain homes, luxury golf villas, townhomes—you name it, they’ve probably floored it! So whether your project is a LEED-certified construction job, a multi-family commercial or residential project, or you are a homeowner looking to update a room in your home, Don and Matt will provide you with the best flooring solutions in Denver. You can stop by their Denver flooring showroom, talk about the best options for your needs, look them in the eye, and shake on it!

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